Frank Parkinson

Frank Parkinson is a consultant, trainer and university lecturer, specialising in coping with stress and trauma.

He has worked behind the headlines of major disasters and flash-points – the East Midlands air crash, the Strangeways prison riots, with body recovery teams and families held hostage in the Gulf, personnel from the Falklands and Gulf wars, and Northern Ireland, and with victims and helpers following armed robberies, fatal shootings, car accidents and other violent incidents.

He has worked with and trained police, fire and rescue workers and others for whom disaster is part of the job, and worked with people whose traumas do not hit the headlines but nonetheless shatter their lives.

He teaches skills of Defusing and Debriefing, works with individuals and groups, and is the author of a number of books including Post-Trauma Stress, Listening and helping in the workplace and Critical Incident Debriefing.

Frank was a clergyman and army chaplain for over 30 years, and trained as a Relate counsellor.

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