nrah accredited trainers

NRAH Accredited trainers are some of the best Hypnosis, Stress and NLP trainers in their fields of expertise.

If you are truly a trainer of Advanced courses or run a training college that teaches advanced methods of Hypnosis, Stress Management or NLP and you would like to be considered for NRAH accreditation, please send us details of your course/s. All information sent will be treated in strictest confidence. We are not looking to validate basic training, only those courses that offer the practising therapist a deeper insight and understanding of a subject that you would not expect to learn as part of your initial training.

Bob HannamDavid Taylor
Brian Jacobs
David Kato PhDWales
Geoff MilesRichard Evans
Harry Cannon 
Heather KingUnited States
Janet OpenshawAnne Spencer
Josephine TeagueIsa Gucciardi PhD
Ken ClarkKim Manning
 Kerry WeaverRoy Hunter
Mike Dee 
 Peter Moule 
Robert Caton 
Stephen Palmer PhD
Terence Watts