Terence Watts

Terence WattsTerence has been in private practice as a hypnotherapist since 1989 and in that time has conducted somewhere around 25000 sessions of hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis. He has also written several books and manuals on specialist aspects of hypnotherapy and has lectured extensively at home and abroad, including several times in the USA. One of his books, Warriors Settlers & Nomads, was hailed as ‘a work of genius’ by the Irish psychologist, Dr. Joe Keaney.

He founded his school, The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis (E.I.C.H), in August 1999 and ensures an eclectic and thorough hypnoeducation for his students by ensuring that leading speakers in their particular field of speciality make regular appearances for his classes.

Terence’s qualifications, among others, are:
• Fellow, Royal Society for Promotion of Health
• Fellow and Senior Clinician, National Council for Hypnotherapy
• Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists
• National Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists Accredited Trainer.

Contact Details:

Phone:020 7558 8571


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