ken clark

Ken ClarkKen is a hypnotherapist and Hypno-analyst in practice in North Wales just south of Chester. For many years he has run busy clinics in the Northwest area. Since 2003 he has worked closely with the North Wales NHS treating people with addictions.

He is enthusiastic about the potential all people have to heal and prevent illnesses and to use their minds to achieve the success, recognition and happiness they deserve. He believes in not only educating people in the how and why, but also giving them the tools to achieve it. His seminars are always well attended, packed with how to do the things necessary to be successful and delivered in a light hearted and easy to understand format.

His seminars include;
Practice building.
Understanding and use of Hypno-analysis.
Treating addictions and drug abuse.
Smoking cessation with a difference.
Understanding and treating depression in the work place (corporate).
No limits living, (corporate & public).
Sports enhancement, (therapists and sports clubs).

He is also a member of:
The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy,
National Council for Hypnotherapy, (British) National Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists.

Contact Details:

Phone:01352 759 962


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