Richard evans

Richard Evans is a registered Clinical & Therapeutic Hypnotherapist and has over a decade of experience in dealing with Psychosomatic problems and Diabetic Motivational coaching.

Richard was trained by the World Federation of Hypnotherapist one of Europe's oldest hypnotherapy teaching organisations. & The United Fellowship of Hypnotherapists Association Richard has gained the distinction of Fellow of The World Federation of Hypnotherapists. & Principle of the United Fellowship of hypnotherapists Association. He is also an accreted member of many of Britain's premier hypnotherapy accreditation organisations and is recognised world wide as a competent hypnotherapy trainer Richard is constantly updating his knowledge and attends many training days and work shops all over the UK to keep up his continues practice development and training up to date.

Richard is one of only fifty Certified Diabetic Motivational Coaches Practicing in Europe at this time. And is proud to be the only Registered Diabetic Motivational Coaching therapist in Wales.

Richard became an accredited NHS Expert Patients Tutor in 2006 and is trained to assist people deal with long term health conditions using tried and tested cognitive and motivational techniques approved by Stanford university and the NHS.

Richard is currently The principle trainer with the United fellowship of Hypnotherapists and runs many Day & weekend courses For newly qualified & established therapist to gain confidence dealing with Clients and Applying therapies.

Richard Also Runs Diabetic Motivational training weekends where he teaches therapist how to motivate clients.

Over the years Richard has achieved distinctions from the following hypnotherapy organisations.

Fellow of:
The World Federation of Hypnotherapists
The British Association of Therapeutical Hypnotists.
The Society for Hypnotic Research
The United Fellowship of Hypnotherapist
The Society of Hypno Analysts

Member of:
The Hypnotherapy Society (acc)
The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (acc)
The Counselling & Psychotherapy Society (acc)
The Diabetic Research Association of America
Professional Board of Hypnotherapy
Professional Board of Hypnotherapy Approved Trainer

Diabetes Motivational Coaching Therapist
Stress Management Therapist
Stress Management Trainer
Hypnosis Aided Birthing Therapist
Hypnotherapy Trainer

Corporate Stress Management Consultant
NHS Expert Patents Tutor

Emotional Counselling Therapist
Hypnotic Pain Management Therapist

Contact Details:

Phone:01269 851 848


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