Membership Eligibility

There are three levels of the NRAH:

1. Member
2. Fellow
3. Associate

Members - may use the designatory letters: NRAH or MNRAH
Membership is open to any person holding a qualification in either Hypnotherapy, NLP or Psychotherapy and have been in full time practice working with Hypnosis for a minimum of two years. With the exception of the medical profession/complimentary medicine practitioner, working part time as a therapist whilst holding down another (unrelated) career is not acceptable. They must also be able to show an advanced working knowledge of hypnosis/Hypnotherapy and related subjects, plus a commitment to on going personal development.

Fellows - may use the designatory Letters: FNRAH
Reserved for any Members who, having been sponsored by another Member, satisfies the management team that their contribution to the use of Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy or to the furtherment of the aims of the NRAH, are such that their services should be so recognised.

Associate membership is open to a graduate of any NRAH affiliated training school who has not completed two years in practice as a hypnotherapist. They must show a commitment to on going personal development.

Associate members names will not appear on the register of advanced hypnotherapists.

A certificate will be issued to show associate status, this does not entitle the associate member to use the designatory letters of the NRAH.

An associate member may not be eligible for certain discounts offered to full members. If needed, a reference will be given to enable an associate member to obtain professional liability insurance or to satisfy any enquiry made by a potential client.

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