Training Credits

When the NRAH was first formed it was with the purpose of uniting all schools of thought and of helping to develop excellence in our profession.

To truly deserve the title of Advanced Hypnotherapists we need to be able to show to the public and the profession our commitment to ongoing personal training and development.

To help us achieve this aim it is a condition of membership and renewal that all Members are expected to attend training workshops and seminars in continuation of their professional development. A total of 30 credits must be accrued in any 12 month period.

Whilst 30 credits are the minimum required for continuing membership, it is expected that members will exceed this figure. If a member exceeds 45 credits in any 12 month period, then up to 10 credits (over the 45) can be transferred to the next year.

It is the responsibility of each member to keep accurate records of their training and to be able to produce such records if required to.


A minimum of 3 days training in any related subjects.

A training day offered by any individual tutor or training establishment who are affiliated to the NRAH is valued at 10 credits.

Non affiliated training is valued at 8 credits per day.

Self study, 5 credits per year.

Attending regional meetings, 5 credits per year. This can be NRAH or another organisation involved with Hypnosis.

Undergoing personal supervision, 5 credits per year.

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