Conditions of Membership

Condition 1
The NRAH reserve the right to reject any application for Membership or renewal of. The Executives decision will be final.

Condition 2
All categories of member agree to abide by the Code of Ethics and Conduct also any terms and conditions of the NRAH.

Condition 3
Membership of the NRAH is by invitation only. Members must agree to buy the services of Membership from the NRAH by subscription. The Members cannot compromise the liability of the President or any Executives or any other Member by their actions. They alone are responsible and liable. Members are a separate legal entity to the President thus the Presidents legal obligations cannot effect the Membership or its Executives or visa versa.

Condition 4
Membership records are computerised and only used for the professional promotion of our Members. All Members must agree to this service.

Condition 5
Whilst the NRAH management endeavors to send out subscription reminders, it can not be held responsible for non delivery of such reminders. It is the members responsibility to renew their own membership on the due date. It is the members responsibility to notify the management of any change of address or contact details.


Condition 6
Breaches of any of the CODE OF ETHICS AND CONDUCT may result in a reprimand or termination of Membership. If a Membership is terminated by either the practitioner or the Executive of the NRAH, membership subscriptions will not be refunded.

Condition 7
If a patient complains about a member, the member is obliged to assist the patient by advising them of the address of the NRAH in the first instance. If it is relevant, the complaint will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee. If both parties agree in the first place to abide by the decision of the NRAH Disciplinary Committee then that decision will be binding on both parties.

Condition 8
The Executive may reprimand or terminate the membership of any individual member or members for conduct likely to bring the NRAH or themselves into Professional disrepute.

Condition 9
A complaint will only be considered for review when made in writing. A copy will be forwarded to the concerned member. A member has the right to representation and reply at all times.

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