Locate an Advanced Hypnotherapist in Staffordshire

Please mention the Advanced Hypnotherapist Register when contacting one any of our members.

Gold Membership:
Gold Members-may promote themselves as a Gold member of the NRAH. Gold membership is awarded to a therapist who has been an NRAH member for 10 years or more and has shown a constant level of competence and continual willingness to keep their professional development up to date.

LocationNameTelephone SpecialitiesLinks
 Linda Christy
0151 291 6159
07922 088 036
CrosbyTony McClements0800 849 6368 website
Rodney StreetKathleen Phythian FNRAH 0151 284 7318B D G M S Wwebsite
WirralAlan Grieveson0151 342 7272Dwebsite

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