the future Voluntary Self Regulation of our profession


Dear Colleague,

As you will be aware, as a member of UKCHO the NRAH is actively involved with the ongoing process leading up to the future Voluntary Self Regulation of our profession.  UKCHO is working on this together with  The Working Group on Hypnotherapy Regulation (WGHR)

 Recently the Department of Health gave a grant of £10,000 to cover the cost of  setting up and running  a joint body called the Hypnotherapy Regulatory Forum (HRF).  Part of the costs involved will cover an honorarium of £4,000 a year, together with travelling expenses, for an independent Lay Chair of the Hypnotherapy Regulatory Forum.

 For an explanation of the duties of the new forum, please see  the  UKCHO  Newsletter  below.



I am asked on a regular basis, and I see mentioned on hypnotherapy news/chat groups, the question of a why is there no form of agreed national   Core Curriculum and educational/training standards being offered by Hypnotherapy Training schools in the UK?

It was with this in mind, that UKCHO invited training schools to take part in discussions reference training standards and a national curriculum. After several years of discussions, we now have a document that has been presented to the new Hypnotherapy Regulatory Forum as the basis for discussion by the Education and Training Sub-Committee, to define common standards of training, and for the safe and competent practice of hypnotherapy.

I am one of the UKCHO representatives on the Sub-Committee.



If you call yourself a Psychotherapist or a Counsellor, it is important that you are aware of the coming changes in law governing the use of both professional titles.

The Government intends that both titles will become protected in law, which means that unless you hold  a qualification recognised by the Health Professions Council (HPC), and are registered with them, you may be committing a criminal act if you call yourself a Psychotherapist or Counsellor.

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Many of you will be aware of CRB checks, but are you aware that a  new public body has been set up called the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA), who will work closely with the Criminal Records Bureau, and will have the power to vet and bar unsuitable people from positions where they might pose a risk to children and vulnerable adults.  UKCHO have taken advice from ISA who have stated that Hypnotherapists and other complementary therapists will not be required to register until some time in 2011. (see UKCHO news below) we will endeavour to keep you informed of developments as and when they happen. 


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.

Best wishes, David Reeves.

President NRAH.




Issue 16                                     

UKCHO has always believed that unity was essential if the hypnotherapy profession was to achieve the recognition it deserved, and to this end it has always urged that all professional hypnotherapy organisations should work together for the common good. As reported in the last issue of UKCHO News, all the major umbrella bodies and professional organisations within the field of hypnotherapy, which between them represent some 90% of hypnotherapy practitioners in the United Kingdom, agreed earlier this year to establish the Hypnotherapy Regulatory Forum, consisting of The Working Group on Hypnotherapy Regulation (WGHR) and The UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations (UKCHO), and to work together through The Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health to develop a robust and transparent structure for the regulation of the hypnotherapy profession and the protection of the public.


UKCHO is pleased to report that, at its meeting held on Thursday 24th September last, it was unanimously agreed to appoint Dr Jenny Gordon as Independent Lay Chair of the Hypnotherapy Regulatory Forum. Jenny Gordon trained as a nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children and University College Hospital, London. She has worked in a variety of healthcare roles in the United Kingdom. She completed her PhD in 2007, with her research focused on the use of reflexology as an adjunct to the health care of children. She now works for the Royal College of Nursing Institute, based in Oxford. In particular, Jenny Gordon has just successfully completed her role as the Independent Lay Chair of The Bowen Forum in its progress towards professional regulation. She is also a Board Member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). The first meeting of the Hypnotherapy Regulatory Forum with Jenny Gordon as the Independent Lay Chair was held on Thursday, 19th November 2009.

The programme of work for the Hypnotherapy Regulatory Forum, under its new Independent Lay Chair, will include the preparation of agreed standards for education and training, agreed codes of conduct, ethics and practice, together with the necessary procedures for discipline and grievance, and the development of a public register of hypnotherapists, who are safe and competent to practice. The programme of work will be supported financially by the Department of Health through The Prince’s Foundation. Progress reports on the regulatory process will be issued by UKCHO to its Member Organisations and Associate Member Organisations as the above programme of work develops. The issue of a single therapy model or a federal therapy model for the regulation of the hypnotherapy profession will be decided in due course, following discussion and consultation with all interested parties. It has also been agreed to remain open to the possibility of statutory regulation through the Health Professions Council.

In the meantime, The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council is continuing its work apace with the intention that its kite-mark -CNHC Registered’ - will give complementary healthcare practitioners the opportunity to demonstrate, to actual and potential consumers, that they are bona fide and meet recognised standards of education and training, and abide by a rigorous code of conduct, ethics and practice. Those who practise complementary healthcare will benefit by increased public confidence and awareness.  (For further information visit the CNHC website at



The Independent Safeguarding Authority


“New arrangements should be introduced requiring those who wish to work with children or vulnerable adults to be registered. The register would confirm that there is no known reason why an individual should not work with these client groups”. (Bichard Inquiry Report, 2004).


Following the murders of the schoolgirls Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells by Ian Huntley in Soham in 2002, the ‘Bichard Inquiry’ was set up by the Government and the Home Office to examine the failure of current vetting procedures. The Inquiry’s main recommendation was that a single government agency should be established to vet all individuals who wanted to work as employees or volunteers with children or vulnerable adults, and to bar unsuitable people from doing so. This recommendation has now been enacted in the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006.


From 12 October 2009, new measures will be introduced to prevent unsuitable people from undertaking paid or volunteer work with children or vulnerable adults, the so called Vetting and Barring Scheme (VBS). To help implement the VBS a new public body has been set up called the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA). The ISA will work closely with the Criminal Records Bureau, and will have the power to vet and bar unsuitable people from positions where they might pose a risk to children and vulnerable adults.


From advice received, it appears that these new measures will apply to therapists who offer advice, guidance, therapy or treatment, including hypnotherapists and psychotherapists, all of whom will need to register with ISA and CRB if they practice with children or vulnerable adults.


This new development in the protection of the public will be monitored closely by UKCHO and the Hypnotherapy Regulatory Forum, and further advice and information will be issued in due course. In the meantime, for further information, please visit the website at