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The NRAH prides itself in being committed to providing access on the web to anyone interested in either therapy in general or Hypnotherapy in particular. to this end we have created a point of access for you to read articles by some of the worlds leading experts in these fields.

Kathleen Phythian is an NRAH management team member turned Children’s AuthorKathleen Phythian
Working From HomeTowergate Professional Risks
When Client Relationships Turn SourTowergate Professional Risks
Hypnosis helps breast cancer victimsThe Daily Telegraph
House of Lords
Report on complementary medicine
A Different Kind of StoryKimberly Willis PhD
Dream Busting for ChildrenKimberly Willis PhD
Glowing HappilyKimberly Willis PhD
Applications of Hypnosis and TherapyLouise Watts
Control your breathing, control your stress 
DepressionDavid Kato
The Forensic Application Of HypnosisMarx Howell
The Four Stages of BurnoutMark Gorkin
Good Grief: Part IMark Gorkin
HabitsIsa Gucciardi
The Hospice-Hypnosis ConnectionPaul Gustafson
Hypnosis Techniques to Treat PSTD Isa Gucciardi
Hypnosis - What is it? What can it do?David Reeves
Monitoring Stress Levels 
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - What is it?David Reeves
The Roots of HypnosisDavid Reeves
Science Finally Tackles HypnosisEmily Anthes
Self Hypnosis - A technique for calming yourself 
Some Common PhobiasMindtech Associates
Stress and it's AffectsDavid Reeves
Stress Management MasterclassStephen Palmer
What is Analysis?Adapted by Ian Evens
What is Stress?David Reeves
What is Hypnosis?Paul Gustafson