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For the majority of people blushing, flushing, going red in the face happens rarely and then only if we are extremely embarrassed or have been in the gym.

But for some people blushing becomes more than this, it starts to take over their world, limiting their life. It will stop them going out, meeting people and developing new relationships. It can for some hold back careers, destroy confidence and put pressure on relationships. The occasional blush has now developed into a social phobia.

But then what? Well sadly most people live with it, accepting this limitation on their life, retreating from life and what they want out of it. But there are alternatives. Surprisingly, hypnotherapy is very successful at helping people overcome blushing. As a social phobia blushing is coming from a very deep level of the brain. As much as you tell yourself that you are not going to blush this deeper level takes over.

Every case is unique as each person's issues and life are different, it is not possible to set out a standard therapy. But by working with a qualified, registered hypnotherapist the majority of sufferers can claim their life back. The hypnotherapist will tailor the sessions to the clients own unique needs.

One of the things I say to my clients is that we will learn together to laugh at the blushing, to face it head on. During the first session most clients do not believe this, but then they come back and by the 2nd or 3rd sessions they say that they felt that they were going to blush and they just smiled and it disappeared, and they got on with their life.

As a therapist it brings me a huge amount of joy to help people regain their lives, seeing their confidence build, learning that there are others out their who understand what they are going through and don't dismiss the huge effects that it is having on their lives.

Here is a quote from one of my clients,

After suffering for many years with what I now know is a social phobia I have just gone a full week where I haven't blushed once, I feel I have had (after three sessions with Kimberly) some of my self confidence given back to me. Although still early days, I feel so much more relaxed and confident in myself. Thank you.
Mrs S. C., Sheffield.

If you feel that fear of blushing has taken over your life then there is help for you, contact a registered hypnotherapist in your area, generally they will provide a free initial appointment during which you can find out more about hypnotherapy and to see if you feel that you can work with the therapist. It is very important to feel comfortable and confident with the therapist you choose to work with.

About Kimberly Willis BSc PhD Cert hypno, nlp practitioner

Dr Kimberly Willis is a Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner based at Harley Street, London and Sheffield.

Kimberly is passionate about working with people and helping them achieve their full potential by overcoming issues holding them back such as phobias, smoking, stress, panic attacks, weight and confidence.

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