Kathleen Phythian is an NRAH management team member turned Children’s Author

Kathleen has had several books published and has more in the pipeline. She is pleased that Liverpool Central libraries have her first two books in stock.

They are magical and mystical, the first one is:

1.   The Candy-floss tree and this is a wonderful visualization that introduces the reader to "Life on Belles Haven".

2.   Unicorn Bridge  is about two Unicorns who come to Belles Haven to have their first son, they ask the hawk and the raven to ask all the creatures there if they could suggest a name for their little boy. There are over a hundred names in there so many children will be pleased to hear their name mentioned.

3.   A Tale of two Unicorns gives the reader an insight into the daily life on Belles Haven of Jessica and Harry, the parents. It talks about the importance of sharing.

4.   Sparkle,  is an orphaned unicorn who talks about the special place she has where she keeps all the memories of her parents who had to go to heaven early.

5.   Twinkle is the next unicorn and she is a bit of a girlie girl who has a lovely flowing mane that goes frizzy in the rain and   she is coming to Belles Haven for a magic potion. 

6.   Ruby the Christmas Unicorn is the next book, the creatures that live on belles haven get a shock when they are opening their presents on Christmas morning and discover Ruby lying under the Christmas tree.


Each book is fun and has underlying messages to support good moral values. 

 You will find the books at: